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ScoresR Score-keeping Software


The Trap Attendant Management system allows you to schedule personnel and track hours worked via online applications. Available at your clubhouse and can be administered from your home.

You have 2 choices on using the Time-clock
1. People added to the Time-Clock are assigned a 5 digit Pin, the person enters the pin and selects either clock-in or clock-out.
2. A supervisor's Time-clock where a supervisor or person clocking-in just pushes a button by their name.
The application will save the timestamp for that person.
On any day in which the Time Clock is used, a report is automatically generated and emailed to the club.

Time Clock Reports are based upon a start date and end date where we determine the number of hours worked for each person during the entered time period.
You select the dates from a calendar.
Allow your bookkeeper to get the reports online for facilitate payroll.

Every person entered in to the time-clock is also available to have their start time scheduled. Personnel can view the schedule from their home and it can also be printed to post in your clubhouse.

Features of the Trap Attendant Management

Easy to use menus for Trap Attendant Management

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