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ScoresR Score-keeping Software


The Score-Keeper for ATA® Registered shoots does all of the tasks need to run a registered Shoot.

For club's that do not have a website, your event participants can go to this site and view the results while the shoot is happening or view the final results.

Features of the Score-Keeper Scoring and Display System

Where most scoring software only can handle one shoot at a time, ScoresR you enter all of your shoots for the year.
The shoot program and any additional notes are displayed on our website and can also be on yours so anybody can find out the dates, events,
and options of your upcoming shoots.
Add Shoot Program page

Each shoot program can have up to 24 events (this is a ATA defined limit). Each event can have up to 6 options associated with it.
You can also choose which classes for Doubles/Singles events and define the yardage groups (up to 4 groups) and select the Categories
for trophies on that event. Each event can also be associates with an HOA or HAA trophy.

Add Event Page

The Classification page has a list of the shooters who have shoot a your club. You can type in an ATA Number or last name and the list
will scroll to the person(s) that match. For a first time person to your club, enter the ATA Number and select the "Lookup in Master List"
button and the person will be retrieved for you. The master list is updated on the first of every month (as long as it is not a weekend day,
the we wait till a weekday). The status of their ATA membership is also displayed. On the right side is the events of you program and the ATA
percentage ranges for you events as an easy guide for classification. Selecting the "View Lifetime Targets and Averages" link will automatically open
a page with ATA statistics for the participant so you can view their averages.

Classification Page (some information has been redacted)

Squadding Dashboard Page

Squadding Page for a Handicap Event, only those Squads/Posts
where you can safely shoot based upon your yardage, are available.

Scores Report Page

Select Event Winners for an Event Page
For each Trophy a list of eligable participants ordered by score

Trap Field Statistics

Shooter Score Sheet & Statistics

ATA® is a Registered of the Amateur Trapshooting Association
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