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ScoresR Score-keeping Software


ScoresR Presquad is using in conjunction with the ATA Registered Shoot application. The squad information is automatically entered in to the application from presquad. So you can squad at your club in advance and also have presquad open.

From the main page you can register or sign-in (Picture 1).

Once you are signed-in in (Picture 2) you can adjust your yardage if necessary. We get the yardage from the ATA on a daily basis, so only if you just got an increase, will you need to update it.
A listing of shoots are displayed at the bottom of the page. Selecting on a shoot that has a green backgound will take you to the squadding page.

From the squadding page (Picture 3) you can squad. Once you are on a squad, you can select your options.

When squadding for Handicap events, the yardage is checked and a shooter can only squad where their yardage is not in conflict with ATA yardage requirements for a squad. A green square is a valid post for the shooter to select.

The shooter can also select their Category for the shoot, if they desire to enter a category, as long as their category is available for the shoot.

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