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Welcome to Presquad!

We are introducing a new ATA Registered Shoot App, that is NOT compatible with the previous version.

Until we can switch over completely, the old version and the new version will be run simultaneously.

We anticipate larger clubs to migrate to the new version, more quickly than smaller clubs.

Until we completely make the transition, look for the shoot of interest in the presquad that you believe is the most likely candidate.
If it is not listed there, look in the other version.

If you have registered for our presquad before 6/20/2022 8:40pm mountain time, you login will be the same in both versions.
If you register after that date, your login is only valid for the version in which you registered.

Version 1 Presquad can be found here, the old version you all love

Version 2 Presquad, the new version can be found here

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