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ScoresR Score-keeping Software
YOUR SCORE-KEEPING and SCORE DISPLAY SYSTEM is a web-based trap shooting sports score-keeping and display system. You only need a browser that supports HTML 5 (Google Chrome is best) on your computer. No special software or installation is required. You automatically get any changes, enhancements, or upgrades. We provide the tools to help you run a well-organized shoot. We make everything as easy and as automated as we can so anyone with knowledge of computers and ATA shoots can do the job.
Participants in your shoot can view scores/winners/purse monies from a web-enabled device while the shoot is being held. We have a rolling score board and other displays to be shown in the clubhouse. All information is stored on our server. Your local computers do NOT need to be networked together, unless you are sharing an internet connection or printers.
The subscription does not limit the number of computers you use to run your shoots.

To start, click on sign-up in the upper right corner. After you have signed up, we check to verify that you are indeed a valid entity and will email you a confirmation, our mailing address and contact information. You can then log on to the site and start using the apps. Send us a check for payment, within 30-days; until then you can use/evaluate the apps.
The price of targets, ammo, fuel and everything else has increased, and regrettably so has our service fee.

Fees are based upon the number of trap fields at your club and 1-year of service.
  • 5 trap fields or less, $100.00 USD
  • 6-10 trap fields, $150.00 USD
  • Over 10 trap fields, $200.00 USD
  • ** New prices will take effect at service renewal for current customers.
The subscription fee gives you access to the following apps
  • ATA Registered Shoot Scoring and Display
    • Provides a complete Classification, Cashiering, and Squadding system.
    • Printing of scoring sheets.
    • Printing of computer checks to payout options.
    • 5-year Shooter history is updated daily, so you have the latest average information.
    • ATA and Trap & Field Reports are created for you to email to the ATA.
    • Financial and Cashiering Reports.
  • ScoresR Presquad
    • Used in conjunction with the ATA Registered Shoot application.
    • Allows ATA shooters to squad themselves for your shoots.
    • Users can also choose the options they wish to play.
    • No additional fees are charged for this service by us.
    • ATA Shooters sign themselves up for access.
    • Easy to setup, just set the opening and closing dates/times for the shoot program, and your ready to go.
  • Trap Attendant Management (TAM)
    • Manage Trap Attendants and other personnel with a time-clock and scheduling system.
    • Create a schedule on-line and your help can view the schedule from anywhere using a smart phone or other device.
    • The Time-clock system tracks the hours worked and allows you to print out reports for your payroll.
    • Separate costs by type of functions being performed. Office, Scorers, Trap Management, etc.
  • Trap League Team Event Scoring and Display
    • Scoring and Score Display system for a Trap League Team event.
    • 5 person teams, with 3 substitutes
    • Handicap by class AA-E and by score within a class from 16-27 yard-line.
  • Invitational Team Trap League Event Scoring and Display
    • Scoring and Score Display system for a Trap League Team event, where you can invite other clubs to join the league. Other clubs do NOT need to have a subscription to
    • 1-8 person teams, 5 main posts with 3 substitutes
    • NOT Handicapped by anything programmatically, you decide how to handicap
    • All reports available to display online or at clubs.
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